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Pennies Update and Mug Question!

Already we’re feeling the love with regards the penny donations! Thank you SO MUCH everyone who has spoken about the pennies, volunteered pennies and so on. 

We’re intending to get a P.O. Box set up, but so far that hasn’t happened :( as we had some rather distracting mug-related issues today. We’re trying to test-paint up some mugs as we want to be able to give away tea sets and offer customized mugs for people as donation thank yous.

Our first batch of customization went horribly thanks to various mishaps. Sharpie mugs were baked and then baked again and still came off with a hard rub. I don’t know if we have the wrong kind of mugs, or the wrong sharpies. Tried glazing them, glaze rubbed the Sharpie designs off as well and just left a smudgy slightly shiny mess. Then we thought we’d cracked it with porcelaine 150 as those survived hand-washing but then one got put in the dishwasher by mistake and all we were left with of a three line quote and author was:  ”      a                     it                g.


YES. So, thanks again to everyone who has been signal boosting for us. We’ve had offers so far from several U.S. places, England and New Zealand :)

When the pennies come in we’ll thank all those who are sending them out, SO if you have a website that you’re linked to DO let us know and we’ll put you up on the “Thank yous” page and we’ll also thank you on the however-often-ly penny update we wind up doing. 

In the mean time I have mug try 3 curing on the shelf with the various tea supplies and here’s hoping baking the porcelaine then glazing the porcelaine and following those instructions will lead to something that can survive a bit longer. 

Would people still be interested in mugs if they’re hand-wash only? or even for purely display purposes?