Our goal is to provide the finest custom blended herbal teas, hand-made pastries and bakery items and gourmet coffee in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere.

Send Us Your Pennies!

So, here’s our big announcement!  In striving to make our cafe as nifty as humanly possible we’re customizing as much as we can. We have a friend who is going to paint a brilliant mural holding our menu board along the back wall and any other large walls we have. Each table and chair we purchase from Habitat, Goodwill or other local thrift places is going to be an individual work of art. Then thanks to pinterest we saw this:  

Source: https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/blog/2010/01/10-most-awesome-floors-ever-created/

And we just KNEW that the front of house HAS to have this floor! In the back we’re limited to special safety flooring and besides we’re the only one who get to see that. Out front where everyone could see we’d like to not only use pennies but penny sized coins from all around the world! 

The area we have to cover is approximately 32ft by 20ft, with an estimation of 260 pennies per square foot we’ll need about 169000 pennies to cover the floor!

Any extra U.S. pennies will be transferred to our building fund (or if you want to straight donate to that, that would be awesome too!) 

As of 7/19/12 we currently have…

658 US pennies
3 Canadian pennies
and a 2 euro cent.

So, only 168338 coins to go!

According to Wikipedia the U.S. penny is 19.05 mm (0.75 in) in diameter and 1.55 mm (0.061 in) thick. There are a variety of designs even for U.S. pennies and we’d love to get samples of each of them so we can make nifty patterns in our awesome floor ^_^. 

We’d love if you can contribute to our cafe by sending us your pennies, 2 euro cents or whatever other nifty low denomination coins you have around.

If you have some coins you’d like to send us please mail them to: 

Magic Monday Cafe
P.O. Box 2410 
Umatilla, FL 32784 

We have found out if you’re in the US you can send 11 pennies for a first class stamp and 22 for 65 cents.

If you’re donating pennies and have a business or site to promote let us know when you send the pennies and we’ll list your site on our thank you page and the weekly round-up.

We’re trying to crowd-fund as much of our cafe as possible, click What We Need to see a list of the supplies we’re needing and what the donation money is going to fund.

Then if you’d like to donate a more substantial amount to our cafe, check out our store and you can get samples of our tea and advertising in return (we’re going to be adding other rewards over the next month once we sort out the details), or if you want to send us money just because you’re a generous and brilliant person donate via the sidebar on the main website or send via paypal to magicmondaycafe @gmail.com 

Please spread the word!

I’m hopeful that there are lots of wonderful people out there who would be willing to donate so that two ladies can realize their dream :) 

We plan for Magic Monday Cafe to have tasty treats and healthful foods and beverages to promote wellness while pampering the taste buds. You can read more about us on our website which is linked in various places in this post! 

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